Get Feedback on Your Frame from Friends (or Strangers)

Our goal is making it easier to custom frame pictures and artwork from start to finish.

At the beginning of the process, you will be focused on getting the frame color, mat and glaze choices right. We've built a few things to help out along the way, including a "Golden Ratio" button that recommends a profile and mat balanced with the dimensions of your artwork, and the ability to upload a preview image inside the frame to better visualize the final result.

Today, we are adding a new tool to the mix: Get Feedback

Send to a Friend, or the Entire Internet

When you are customizing a frame, clicking "Get Feedback" will save the frame color and mat setting you've selected and create a unique link that can be shared with friends, family, or anyone with a good eye for design.

You can also click to post your frame directly to Twitter or Facebook if you want to go a little wider and crowdsource more opinions.

If anyone clicks on your link, they will see the same frame color and other choices you made. Have a look at this custom framed photo and see if you like the style or would make changes.

Include the Artwork for Better Feedback

One thing that will help people provide better advice on your frame is making sure to add a preview image of the art or photo you're framing. Since the frame and mat style should complement the artwork, being able to see everything together makes the experience much better for you and anyone else who wants to weigh in. When choosing a picture frame color, you really need to visualize it with the colors and tones present in the item you're looking to frame.

Getting Feedback, "Save For Later" and Other Uses

One cool thing about sending out a link is that friends and family can respond with their own choices by using the same "Get Feedback" button and sending back a new link.

And if you want to just save an individual frame and the choices you've made for a given project, copy, paste and send the link to yourself. When you come back to it later, all of the settings will still be in place.

Note that anyone can buy the frame, framed art print, or framed photo connected to your Feedback link. Upload a photo from your last trip or family gathering, customize the frame to your liking and then send the link around - your friends and family can purchase it for their own walls, with your suggested frame choice or in a totally different style.

More to Come

Let us know if you have questions or other novel uses for this new feature. We believe that choosing a profile color and designing the perfect custom frame can be a fun and collaborative process, and have much more planned for this sharing tool.

Happy framing!

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