Custom Frame Styles to Match Any Decor

Our curated selection of profiles makes online framing easy

Our frame family is growing and we couldn't be more excited!

One of the benefits of online framing is being able to visualize all of the possible frame and mat combinations.

With 18 different profiles, it's easy to choose the perfect frame for photos, posters and prints.

The Gallery Collection

It's hard to go wrong with our best selling black and white gallery-style profiles, or with a natural maple or walnut look.

Custom Framed Vinyl Records

These frames are classic thanks to their clean lines and ability to match any room decor. The entire collection provides a stylish, minimalist look if your taste leans towards modern and simple.

Like most of our frame styles, they come in a few different widths - a thin option for a sleek, modern feel, and a thicker size for making a bold visual statement.

The Rustic Collection

We can already hear the crackle of a wood-burning stove and the wind rustling through the trees.

Our Rustic collection includes heavy-grain pine profiles in three shades: Weathered Black, Weathered Grey and Weathered Natural.

With rich natural textures, these frames are the perfect home for nature and travel photos, as well as framing large artwork of any kind. If your decor features earthy accents, or you're going for a cozy, cabin-like aesthetic, these frames are for you.

This Collection is also PEFC-certified, which means the wood was sustainably harvested in the interest of preserving forests and protecting our environment. One more reason to feel good about your choice of frame.

Online custom framing styles Weathered

Photos framed with our 1.625" wide Weathered Black profile and 2" of matting.

The Classic Collection

With three styles to add a decadent pop of champagne silver or rich vintage gold to any room, our Classic collection injects a little bit of shine into our repertoire.

When framing important document like a diploma, or something with sentimental value like your wedding photos, these eye-catching profiles will add extra charm.

Three colors are available: Academie Black, Academie Silver and Academie Gold.

Upon first glance, they may come off a bit formal, but versatility is one of the main reasons we love this collection.

Not only can these frames show off your credentials in a buttoned-up office setting, they are also right at home in a more bohemian atmosphere, nestled amongst a jungle of houseplants or as part of an eclectic gallery wall.

Online custom framing styles Acadamie

Academie Gold and Black custom framed photos with 2" of matting

The Alloy Collection

Inspired by mixed metals, these frames feature an angled metallic face and brushed wood sides.

Online custom framing styles Alloy

The three colors, Nickel, Soft Gold and Mercury, each have a light patina for a softened industrial look that fits in with modern or rustic decor.

The Natural Collection

We rolled out these five styles with the introduction of our tabletop picture frames.

You can now use them in our collage picture frames and for framing posters and art prints you already possess.

Online custom framing styles Natural

With tones ranging from charcoal to natural wood, these profiles show subtle grain lines that give off a sophisticated but slightly raw, unfinished look.

Clockwise from top left: Slate Black, Sandstone, Hazelnut, Espresso and Cloud Grey

Deciding on which new styles to offer has been a labor of love, and we will continue to update and curate the selection.

The goal is to offer options that fit with and complement various decor styles, while keeping the online framing process easy, quick and streamlined.

All of the profiles are available for framing prints and posters you already own, as well as for framing a photo.

If you have any questions about these collections, recommendations for future collections, or just need advice on what will best suit your artwork, please reach out via the blue chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

Happy framing!