So Much to See (and Frame) at NYCC

We attended New York Comic Con to get our fix of amazing posters, prints and original art to frame, and had a blast as usual.

It's the biggest pop culture convention on the East Coast, and weaving through the convention center's seemingly endless alleys can be exhilarating -- you never know when you'll brush shoulders with Harley Quinn from Batman or Eleven from Stranger Things.

Poster collectors and art enthusiasts are like kids in a candy shop amidst the rows after row of superhero and villain portraits on display.

Being major pop culture buffs, we had to restrain ourselves from purchasing every amazing illustration of the iconic characters from our favorite movies, comic books, and other universes. But here are a few artists whose works really stood out to us and would look great custom framed on any wall.

Mike Dubois x Dark Hall Mansion

Michael Dubois is a prolific contemporary music visual artist who has worked with prominent rock bands such as The Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh and Friends, Santana and the Rolling Stones.

His art has a distinct allure, featuring surreal compositions with fluid lines, vibrant colors and wildly beautiful psychedelic patterns. If you're looking for statement-making art that'll stand out from the crowd, then definitely check out Mike's stuff.

Evening Celebration - Blue Standard from Mike Dubois' Peanuts Collection

For Comic Con, Mike had just released a set of nostalgic Peanuts limited edition silk-screened prints with Dark Hall Mansion.

His renditions of the various characters look true to the original comics but are colored in his striking neon palette, and it's easy to become enamored with the complexity of his linework. At every glance there's something new to unearth.

Evening Celebration - Red Variant in White Maple frame with 1" matting. Blue Standard framed in Black Maple with 1" matting.

Custom framing your prints and posters can be tricky, but we have some rules of thumb and are always standing by to give advice.

On this piece in either variant, we'd recommend using our classic Black or White Maple profiles so as not to detract attention away from the rich composition and colors. A 1" to 1.5" mat will create a nice border around the work and draw in your focus even more.

For any piece of fine artwork you want to preserve, going with a UV-protective acrylic is a must so that the paper and ink do not fade over time.

Dave Perillo x Grey Matter Art

The Grey Matter Art booth was every film enthusiast's dream -- movie and entertainment posters left, right, and center.

Grey Matter works with brilliant artists to create licensed, limited edition posters for films that we know and love. Marvel comics in particular has been very active, making huge strides in the world of television with recently released shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and our eyes were immediately drawn to a series of Marvel superhero posters by Dave Perillo.

Dave Perillo's Punisher framed in White Maple. Deadpool in Natural Walnut. Daredevil in Black Maple.

Perillo has a knack for choosing only a handful of colors to make his designs really pop.

His technique evokes retro vibes reminiscent of old-school 2D cartoons. Because of Perillo's limited color palettes, any one of our four main frame profiles will work well to complement the prints. This series, in particular, look great un-matted, a style that highlights the stylistic template and gives the impression of awesome, attention-grabbing billboard posters.

Imaginism Studios

With so much artwork devoted to comic books, we were on the lookout for something fresh and interesting to break things up. That's when we stumbled upon Imaginism Studios, a Toronto-based studio comprised of Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera specializing in character and concept design for film, TV, gaming and publishing. Both Chiu's and Acedera's art have painterly qualities that utilize fine art techniques.

Daydream by Kei Acedera custom framed in Natural Maple with 1" matting and Mushroom Kid and Piranha by Bobby Chiu framed in Natural Walnut with 1" matting

Both artists stylize their characters with adorable features; Chiu with his slightly grotesque twist and Acedera with an ethereal touch.

For Kei's elegant prints, our Natural Maple frame matches well, the light tint of the wood makes her feathery strokes more pronounced. As for Bobby's Mushroom Kid and Piranha, Natural Walnut will pair well with the earthy tones.

NYCC is a welcoming environment where individuals of various interests connect, fans and artists get to know each other, and the excitement of discovering something new never ceases. We're definitely looking forward to next year and going back to the well for more great art.

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