Online Framing 101

Custom frame photos, artwork and more without the hassle (or leaving home)

Custom framing has been around for centuries. What's different today is that we can make the experience more convenient and affordable by bringing everything online.

Below are some of the most common questions we get about online custom framing.

What Can You Frame?

Our specialty is anything based on paper.

If you are framing posters, art prints, photographs or digital images, we've got you covered. We also do quite a number of framed vinyl records.

Custom frame posters and prints online - Level Frames

Framing canvas and unique items such as sports jerseys or textiles can be taken on by special request.

To print and frame a photo, get started by uploading your image file and selecting a print size. Don't miss our fully customizable collage picture frames that allow you to tell a story with up to five photos.

We use professional, top-of-the-line Epson and Canon printers equipped with 10-12 color archival pigment inks to ensure excellent color performance and the best print-quality for your photos.

Here's some more info on how we make sure your framed photos turn out perfectly.

Do I need to send artwork to you?

It's up to you!

If you prefer not to send your items in the mail and are up for a 15 minute DIY project, simply provide the width and height of your artwork and select a frame style. We can handcraft the frame to fit and ship it straight to you with instructions for mounting the art when it arrives. (below is a quick video preview)

This means a faster turnaround time and that you don't need to pack up your artwork or make a trip to FedEx.

If you have many items to frame or find it more convenient to send us the artwork, we've made the process easy with our In-Studio Framing option.

We'll send you packaging and a shipping label (free of charge) for sending your art to us, and send it back framed and ready to hang.

Who makes the frames?

We have two framing studios, one on the East Coast and one out West. Between the two locations, we have decades of combined custom framing and fine art printing experience.

Each custom frame is handmade to order using all wood profiles and archival, conservation-grade materials.

We're delivering museum quality frames in days not weeks, and at almost half the price you would pay in a high-end custom frame shop.

Museum quality framing materials - Level Frames

How long does it take?

Our At Home DIY frames and framed photos will arrive at your door within one week. Turnarounds for In-Studio framing orders are 3 to 4 weeks due to the extra transit time and our process of safely checking in your artwork upon arrival.

Allow an additional week or so on framed artist prints and framed record albums (if we need to acquire the artwork or record first).

Our Quick Shop framed photo comes in a set 11.5" x 14" frame size, but ships out within a few business days if you need something that looks great and you can't wait.

If you have a specific deadline, just note it in the Special Instructions field at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate. You can also consult our updated FAQ on current framing lead times.

Which frame style should I choose?

This is the fun part. One of the best things about custom framing online is that you can visualize the final result and try on different frame colors and styles to see what looks best.

When you are framing a poster, print or photo with Level, you can upload a "Preview Image" of the item and see it inside the frame as you customize.

And our "Golden Ratio" button suggests a frame width and mat size that should work well based on the dimensions of your artwork.

Online Custom Framing Preview - Maple Frame

As far as what to choose, go with the style that compliments the artwork and looks right to your eye. Use our "Get Feedback" button to share your frame choices with someone (or us!) to get a second opinion.

What happens if I my frame arrives damaged or does not fit my artwork?

If your frame shows up with any defects, does not fit your artwork or you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know at and we will make it right.

Our goal is to help you on your next framing project and many more to come, hence our Happiness Guarantee.

You can read verified customer reviews to get a sense of the experience people are having and our commitment to making your walls look amazing.

Can I see how the frames are made?

We love giving behind-the-scenes access to our framing methods.

Each frame is literally made specifically for you and your artwork. It's a process that can take up to an hour or more per frame, but we've condensed it into a two minute video. Enjoy!

Ok, so why should I frame online?

You do have choices when it comes to framing.

With standard size, ready-made frames you might find on the shelves in a store, you are limited in terms of frame style and quality. A custom frame shop can deliver the variety of styles and gallery-quality materials, but you will end up paying more to cover the retail overhead, and it can take several shop visits across weeks or even months to complete a project.

Online custom framing is a great choice if you want to save time and money without sacrificing on quality and craftsmanship.

Give Level Frames a try and finally frame that poster that's been rolled up in a tube under your bed for ages, or on an amazing photo that's been trapped on your phone's camera roll.

Life is better when you are surrounded with more art and special photos of your favorite people, moments and memories.

Happy framing!