Our Top Frameworthy Gifts

Ideas for the gifting season and any occasion for making someone feel special

Beyond housing beautiful artwork, our elegant custom frames can bring to life unique vinyl records, sentimental memories and much, much more.

To help you get inspired in advance of the holiday season, we've prepared a list of frame-worthy gifts sure to impress the people on your list (including yourself).

Frame Your/Their Best Photos

We make printing and framing photos a breeze -- choose your best image to upload, customize a handcrafted frame, and done! The framed photo is delivered to you or the recipient's doorstep in days. It's a great way to showcase their...

Custom frame pet photos

Printing and framing pet photos is always a home-run in our book.

Seeing a framed photo of their furry best friend is a constant reminder of the important roles they play in our lives, and creates fuzzy feelings to warm them up this Winter.

Custom frame photos of your favorite people

Smiling can make you a happier person, so why not showoff those pearly whites?

Choose a photo of their best smile, preferably with yours too, and watch their face beam with delight when they unwrap the gift.

Custom frame nature and landscape photos

Bring those otherwise hard-to-reach destination to them inside a gallery quality frame they can visit everyday.

If you know your friend is itching to visit the Great Barrier Reef, find a picture of that beautiful spectacle to frame. If they are from abroad, seek out and frame a picture of their hometown.

Custom collage picture frames

You can never go wrong with framing family photos.

Use one from your last vacation together, birthday or milestone event. If you're having trouble picking out one photo in your bank of family pics, don't fret! Print and frame up to five different photos inside one of our collage picture frames.

Frame Memories with Sentimental Value

Custom framing something special that sparks a happy memory always makes a solid gift.

Look around the house for some of your own items, you never know when you might strike gold and find something frame-worthy.

Custom frame concert posters and tickets

If you happen to find a ticket from an unforgettable concert, movie or event then you're in luck!

Check out this framed concert poster and ticket stub from Daft Punk's Alive tour (bonus: it's signed). Now your special someone will always have a way to relive that wonderful moment.

Custom frame book covers

Find a piece of literature that speaks to you and expresses what you'd like to say to your recipient.

Alternatively find their favorite childhood book, poem, literary character and frame a meaningful page. This is an easy and great way to make a thoughtful and personal gift.

Custom frame kids artwork

Dig out your wild childhood creations or your own kids' art and design a custom frame to fit. Your parents or grandparents will definitely treasure this one of a kind gift.

Statement-Making Art

Empty wall space begone and creative souls rejoice! Here are our top picks of talented artists with amazing prints that will make an impact in any space.

Discover new artwork to frame

Don and Ryan Clark are the creative minds behind Invisible Creature. They are two of our favorite designers with a knack for combining beautiful line work with striking colors. Don't miss their NASA prints which are out of this world.

Joey Roth's letterpress posters feature clean lines and simple shapes that express profound messages about what it means to hustle.

His posters illustrate the route one takes from being inspired to launching something in the world. These framed posters are perfect for all the ambitious hustlers you know.

Custom framed travel map

Finally, maps are a great way to show where you've been or where you hope to go one day.

Our framed Travel Tracker Map helps you celebrate past travels and plot out future destinations with this unique map of the United States printed on premium canvas. Ships free, push pins included.

Whether you'd like to custom frame something that you already have, are looking to print and frame a sentimental photo or even frame up a favorite vinyl record, we've got you covered during the gifting season and every other occasion where you'd like to make someone feel special.

Pro tip: All frames can arrive gift wrapped with an optional handwritten note with your message.

Happy gifting and happy framing!