Three New Custom Frame Styles

Meet the new profiles now available for your next framing project

We're excited to announce three new frame styles newly available on the site.

They were chosen to round out our silver and gold frame options, and to officially include a dark-stained frame style that had been the subject of numerous special requests.

A key benefit of online custom framing is how easily you can visualize different styles to find the fit for photos, posters and art prints. Have a look at the new frames below, or give them a try directly on your next framing project.

Kota Black

Added by popular demand, this minimalist profile features a deep, black stain over a fine wood grain that adds a subtle texture.

It's a great choice when you want to go for a little more refinement and intrigue over the the more traditional, gallery-style black frame.

Arctic Silver & Sahara Gold

A sleek and modern profile with a polished finish, this transitional frame complements a wide array of art and decor styles. Choose the silver or gold tone to frame wedding photos, sentimental images and brightly colored artwork.

Both styles come in two different widths:

A 3/4" option for a sleeker, modern look, and a 1" size to support larger items or create a bold visual statement.

All of the profiles are available for custom framing the artwork you've collected, as well as for your framed photos and collage picture frames.

Browse the rest of our frame colors, or let us know what you think about these new ones!

And if you have any questions about any of the collections, recommendations for future collection styles, or need advice on what will best suit your artwork, please reach out via chat or email. We're standing by to help on your next framing project and many more to come.