Top Custom Framing Ideas

Turn favorite moments and memories into art with creative custom frames

Custom framing is more than just a way to protect and display artwork. It's a way to turn cherished memories and prized possessions into stunning focal points that add character and joy to your home.

Whether you're looking to commemorate a special event, preserve a beloved memento, or simply add some unique decor to your space, online custom framing offers endless possibilities.

In this blog post, we'll run down a list of more than twenty (and counting!) picture framing ideas from the ordinary and obvious to the super creative and out of the box.

Family Photos

The subject matter we see most coming off our top-of-the-line printers, and one we never get tired of seeing, is people. A photo of family or friends set inside a beautiful custom frame is a timeless way to celebrate your loved ones.

Best of all, it only takes a minute or two to find those gems in your camear roll and upload your best pics to be printed and framed.

Frame family photos and portraits online

Or, go for a collage frame to display multiple memories together and create a heartwarming visual story.

Wedding Invites, Menus and Save the Date Cards

We love seeing people frame up their wedding invitations, vows, rehearsal dinner menus, table seating place cards and other printed items from their big day.

These pieces can be showcased and beautifully preserved as a romantic reminder of the day you both said "I do."

For an item where you want to reveal the entire surface of the paper, for example a menu or Save the Date card where the text goes right to the edges, it's a good choice for when to select a float mount for your frame. This means that the piece sits on top of the matting with some margin around it, as opposed to being overlapped by the matting or inside edge of the frame.

Concert Posters

T-shirts at the merch table are always worth checking out on your way into or out of the venue. But many bands and artists are putting just as much if not way more creativity into concert posters that commemorate the year or even each individual show.

Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket and Phish are just a few bands that create unique artwork for every single leg of the tour, oftentimes commissioning a different (or local) artist for each one.

Framed concert posters from Metallica, Beastie Boys and Phish

Collecting and framing concert posters is one of the best ways to remember your favorite shows and express your fandom. And the right custom frame can really enhance the artwork and bring a touch of personal nostalgia to your space.

With Level Frames, you can customize and order a frame to ship directly to you, with a DIY kit for mounting the print at home. If you prefer, you can send posters to us, and we'll take care of the framing in our studio before sending everything back ready to hang.


It's a great feeling to complete a puzzle. Typically, people then leave it out on display for a few days so that they can show off and bask in the accomplishment.

Why not extend that satisfaction indefinitely and turn your completed puzzles into artwork by framing them up?

Custom frame a puzzle with Level Frames DIY kit

It's definitely a unique way to display your favorite pastime, and we have a comprehensive guide to framing a puzzle that walks you through each step.

Book and Magazine Covers

Add some literary flair to your decor by showcase interesting book or magazine covers as framed art.

Second-hand shops and used book stores can be a great source of this material if you don't feel like tearing up your own.

online custom framing newspapers and vintage magazine covers with Level Frames

For any older material on paper like vintage newspapers or magazine covers, it's especially important to prevent fading over time by adding a UV-protective glaze to your frame.


Nana's hand-written recipe for her famous lasagna? Framing gold! Cherished family recipes become culinary heirlooms and a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Comic Books

Displaying your comic book collection within a custom frame can turn favorite editions into eye-catching art pieces. We created what think are the absolute best frames for comic books in terms of customization, protection and aesthetics.

Now with collectibles like comics, it's super important to avoid cheap frames that lack archival mats and backing boards. So with our DIY comic book frame kits, our first step involves sealing your book inside a mylar, archival and acid-free sleeve attached to a backing board.

The custom frame, which is also archival, comes complete with a UV-protective glaze. Without this added protection, your comics will fade over time, even if your framed pieces are not hanging in direct sunlight.

Custom framed comic books with UV protection

With the protection of your comics assured, you can turn to the various frame and mat colors we offer to perfectly complement any cover you wish to see on your wall. And if you want to open up the frame at any time to swap out the comic for something else, it's just a 5 to 10 minute DIY project!

Vinyl Records

From the four Beatles crossing the street on Abbey Road to the prism from the front of "Dark Side of the Moon", album covers are some of the most recognizable imagery of all time.

We were inspired to honor and elevate this art form with a unique method of framing actual vinyl records. The album cover shows in full, while the vinyl peeks out of its sleeve in our custom vinyl record frame.

Abbey Road by the Beatles - custom framed album

Frame your favorite album covers to celebrate your musical tastes or an album that played a big role in your life. We can send you a DIY record framing kit, frame a record for your in our studio, or acquire an album directly on your behalf and send it over to you ready to hang.

Postcards and Travel Souvenirs

A great travel hack is to pick up postcards or local artwork on your journeys and frame them up to create a global gallery wall.

It's fantastic way to reminisce about past adventures and inspire future ones. Combining multiple postcards or small pieces of art you picked up can create an even more stunning result!

Kids Artwork

Yes, little Susie is already showing incredible promise in her Kindergarten art class and certainly on track to becoming one of the brilliant artists of her generation 😉

In all seriousness, displaying your kid's artwork is a surefire way to add warmth and joy to your home.

framing kids artwork

Celebrate this creativity with custom framing to preserve these masterpieces and encourage their artistic expression.

Inspirational Quotes and Cool Typography

Frame motivational quotes or stylish typography to add a touch of inspiration to your walls. These can be great for personal spaces like home offices or bedrooms.

framing quotes and song lyrics

If you are looking for ideas here, consider framing up the lyrics to your favorite song!

Free Downloadable Art

Hanging new artwork on a bare wall is a great feeling, but it can be a challenge to find something you like enough to frame that's also within budget.

Enter this useful list of online resources we’ve put together for free, high-resolution images available for download and your custom framing pleasure.

Free downloadable artwork to frame

Audubon's Ruby-throated Humming Bird framed in our Academie Gold profile

Concert Tickets

It's convenient but kind of too bad that nowadays we primarily use our phones to get into concerts.

If you're like us, you have a collection of ticket stubs that is a great way to remember memorable events and showcase your love for live music. Why not preserve and show off your favorite concert tickets inside a custom frame?

The great thing about framing tickets is that you can do all kinds of things with them, like frame multiple tickets together, or create a separate window opening for a ticket as part of a framed concert poster.

Flags and Pennants

Frame flags and pennants to create patriotic, local flavor or sports-themed decor and make a bold statement in any room.

Image credit: N.B. Goods

Generative Art

With the rise of digital art, generative art has become increasingly popular. We put together an overview of Generative Artverview of Generative Art, which includes a brief guide to this emerging artwork trend and a few framing success stories.

Custom framed Ringers prints - generative art by Dmitry Cherniak
A collection of custom framed Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak

Online custom framing can turn these unique, computer-generated pieces into captivating decor capable of sparking lots of conversation.

Framing Fabrics and Textiles

Anything made of fabric can look wonderful inside a frame, and can open up a broader range of colors and textures versus more traditional, paper-based items.


Check in with us about framing your fabrics and textiles, as there are oftentimes a few considerations and adjustments to make. As with artwork on paper, protecting framed textiles with a UV-protective glaze is a great move if you want to prevent fading of the material over time.

Chalk, Dry-Erase, and Cork Boards

Incorporate functionality (or a fun place to doodle) into your framing with custom chalk, dry-erase, or cork boards. These framed memo boards are perfect for home offices, kitchens, or entryways.

Custom framed white chalk and cork boards - Level Frames

We've made it super easy to choose a surface, enter your desired size and customize the frame with a museum-quality profile. Each memo board is handcrafted in the U.S. and ships right to your door within a couple weeks.

Commissioned Art of a Loved One, Pet, or Home

There are so many talented artists out there you can commission to create customized portraits of loved ones, pets, your home, you as a cartoon character and so many other creative ideas. These personalized pieces can add a sentimental touch to your decor. And what better way to show them off than in a custom frame?!

Custom framed pet portrait

Many artists and sites that take on these commissions will provide the high-res digital image of the portrait, making the framing even more seamless. Simply upload the files with us, select your print size, customize the framed photo, and check out! We'll handle the printing for you, and your custom framed portrait arrives ready to hang a handful of days later.

Framed Gifts

Whether it's a cherished family photo, a heartfelt handwritten letter, or a piece of commissioned art, custom framing can turns meaningful items into beautiful, lasting keepsakes.

Framed gifts are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because – offering a unique and artful way to commemorate the moments and memories that matter most. And if you are framing with us and sending it directly to your lucky recipient, look for free note and gift-wrapping options at checkout.

Sports Jerseys and Memorabilia

Frame jerseys, sports cards, or game tickets. This is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to celebrate their favorite teams and moments.


One of the most popular items we see, framing a map of a meaningful locations, such as your hometown, favorite travel destination or the spot you first met your significant other can create a sense of wanderlust and nostalgia in your decor.

We love to custom frame maps so much that we commissioned our own! Our Travel Tracker map features a mid-century modern design printed on premium canvas, and make a perfect present for the travel lover in your life.

Custom framed travel tracker map with pushpins


Frame your favorite poems to add a literary touch to your home. This can be a beautiful way to display your love for poetry and enhance your living space with words that inspire.

Art for Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

Custom framing for nurseries and kids' rooms can include anything from playful prints to personalized art, adding a whimsical touch to your child's space.

Framed animal prints from OonaWallArt on Etsy

Woodland Baby Animal Prints for the nursery from OonaWallArt on Etsy

And if you are in need of fresh new art, we have a growing collection of kid and nursery-themed art prints to shop from. You can even select the custom frame of your choice and we'll deliver everything ready to hang!

Vintage Photos

Preserve and display vintage photos with custom framing. It can be a wonderful way to honor family history and add a nostalgic touch to your home.

If you have an old shoebox full of photos, one way to get them framed in a variety of sizes while preserving the original, is use an app to scan and turm them into digital images.


You worked so hard for that piece of paper!

It can be a great source of satisfaction to frame your diplomas or certificates and celebrate your achievements.

With our DIY framing kits, you can keep your diploma safe at home, and order a custom frame to fit. We'll send the made to order frame and everything you need to mount your diploma at home and have it looking great (and fully protected) on the wall in no time


As digital art gains popularity, framing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can bridge the gap between virtual and physical art.

@alexisohanian - "Look at what the @levelframes team sent me! Thanks, y'all. It's a collection of my Olympia-inspired @doodles"

This is a modern and innovative way to display your digital collection.

Custom framing is a powerful tool to transform your treasured items into beautiful displays that reflect your personality and style. From family photos to digital art, the possibilities are endless.

By thinking outside the box and considering these unique framing ideas, you can create a home filled with meaningful, artful, and personalized decor.

So, take a look around your space, gather your cherished items, and let the creative process of custom framing elevate your memories into extraordinary works of art.

Happy Framing!