Something New for Artists, Designers and Creatives

Visualizing a photo or piece of art inside a picture frame has never been easy, and has traditionally required advanced knowledge of Photoshop.

With online framing, our customers cannot see or touch the frames before making a purchase, so we spend a lot of time on the way picture frames are rendered on the site for a realistic preview when framing a photo or favorite art print.

We've taken these skills and created a new tool to generate framed, 3D images from an uploaded image. Try it out now with your own photos.

Online Framing Visualizer 3D Images

How It Works

It's pretty simple. Upload an image file, and it will appear inside one of our frames in the viewer. Customize the profile and mat style using the controls on the right, and then click "Generate" to create and download a high-resolution framed image that you can use anywhere.

You'll find a similar set of framing options to what you see across the rest of the site, including our growing collection of picture frame colors and styles.

A few things that are new are the ability to change the color of the background wall, and a 3D slider that lets you position the frame in a variety of different angles:

Who It's For

We envision this as a fun way for anyone to visualize what their photos or artwork might look like framed. The high-resolution images mean that you can share the results with friends, save for later as inspiration, or use on your own website.

More specifically, the tool can be used by artists and designers who want to show off their work and provide a demonstration of what it would look like custom framed and on the wall - for pure visual design work, or as a framed example in an artist's online store.

This continues our ongoing efforts to help artists showcase and sell framed versions of their work. We have a number of different artist partnerships running, and offer a fully featured artist storefront platform called Dot Press. We handle the printing, framing and fulfillment, you focus on creating works of art.

Let us know what you think of the new 3D Frame Illustrator, we look forward to seeing what you do with it!