Refresh Your Home for the New Year

How to spruce up your home decor with framed artwork and photos

Now that 2021 has finally come to a close, many of us have already taken the opportunity to reflect and make plans for the year ahead and beyond.

Whether our goals are related to health, family, or new hobbies, our homes play an essential role in setting intentions and keeping us recharged.

That's why we've put together these ideas to refresh your home and set the stage for a fresh new year!

Frame new memories from photos on your phone

Custom framed kids photos

From holidays to vacations and the quiet days in between, there's an abundance of frame-worthy moments to be found right on our phones.

Easily print and frame photos directly from your phone, computer, or Instagram feed. You can group a series of up to five images that tell a story inside a collage frame or pick out your favorite to stand alone as a statement piece.

Frame kids' artwork and photos

Kids art custom framed

Photo Credit: @themakerista on Instagram (right)

A new school year means new school portraits and new artwork to frame!

For the art projects that are too nice for the fridge, custom framing at home is a sure way to elevate and protect them for years to come and integrate your children's art seamlessly into the rest of the home. Added benefits of framing at home with a DIY kit are keeping your artwork safe and the ability to swap out the art over time.

Common materials in children's art supplies are often more prone to fading and discoloration than the professional stuff, so we recommend using one of our three UV-protective glaze options to keep it looking vibrant.

If you recently completed a puzzle on your own or with the family, our at-home framing options and protective glazes are the way to go for framing puzzles as well!

Style shelves and vignettes with framed art

Custom framed shelf decor

Photo Credit: @homewithharper on Instagram

Smaller areas of the home, such as entryway tables or built-in shelves present plenty of options for a refresh without needing to re-hang artwork.

Remixing art with plants, decorative objects, and books to create a new theme can create a whole new feeling. A mix of smaller tabletop frames and larger frames can be layered together to create visual interest wherever space allows.

Add lighting to brighten things up

Artwork for the kitchen printed and framed

Photo Credit: @brookebartletta on Instagram

Lighting helps create a focal point on any wall and can help showcase the art and photos on display.

Picture lights are widely available with both plug-in and battery-powered options so that you don't have to worry about hardwiring them. Another way to incorporate lighting is to add a table lamp to a shelf or table where your art is displayed.

Create a Gallery Wall

Custom framed gallery wall

The design options are nearly limitless for gallery walls, making them a fun and effective way to display your favorite memories and inject your personality into your home.

Whether you have new pieces to add or you are working with existing artwork, rearranging your artwork into a gallery wall will make an impact in any space.

One tip for creating a cohesive look with a mix of frames, choose to group them by subject matter, color palette, or materials. You can also see some gallery wall tips and layout suggestions that we've put together to help you get started.

New works from your local or independent artists

The world needs art more than ever.

If you've been following an artist on social media and loving their work, now's a great time to pull the trigger on one of their prints or original pieces.

Some of our team favorites include Mark Samsonovich, Joey Roth, 2046 Designs, Invisible Creature, and Dan McCarthy. Adding a framed art print to an existing gallery wall of photos can be an excellent way to break things up to create visual diversity.

Whether you're making minor tweaks or giving your home a makeover, we hope you've found some helpful tips and information for your next project.

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As always, the most important thing is to choose artwork and photos that you connect with.

Happy framing!