What We Framed in February

Dog portraits, space posters, wedding photos, NFT art and more

Now that the holiday season is well in the rear-view, we are once again celebrating impressive feats of online custom framing completed by our customers during recent months.

From original art prints to limited-edition posters, favorite photos to thoughtful gifts, the goal of every custom framing project is the same: Joy, satisfaction and pride over the final result hanging on the wall.

Read on to see some of our favorite picks from January and February.

A Charming Dog Portrait

A very simple rule in framing is to choose a frame style that suits the artwork, not the surrounding decor.

This hand-drawn dog portrait has some interesting, frayed edges that add some texture to the whole presentation. Hence the choice of a float mount for this At Home framing project so that the edges remain on display.

Tim reports in his review:

"Bought two frame kits -- and have now assembled them. The provided instructions are easy to read and follow. Piece of cake. Both of the new frames look great: like a professional framing job, but far less expensive. (displayed image is a floating frame, which requires a deft hand -- for centering the image -- but easily done with patience.)"

A Black & White Wedding Photo

We've been framing wedding photos since our first week in the frame game, using archival inks guaranteed not to fade for over a century to preserve these special memories.

And when framing black and white photos of any kind, a classic black profile with white matting is always a great choice.

Brittani customized this frame to fit an exact spot on her wall with accent lighting, and writes "I tried to spend a little less for my frame elsewhere and it turned out horribly. I decided to go with Level Frames and the quality difference was night and day!! Couldn’t be happier with the result it looks so classy and you can tell the quality is there."

A Limited Edition Doodles Print

@minimalisam - Loooove adding new fun physical art pieces to my collection almost as much as digital, this time, a signed print by @burnttoast

The wildly creative illustrator Scott Martin, a.k.a Burnt Toast, is the artist and co-founder behind The Doodles NFT collection.

These limited edition prints carrying his distinctive signature in the lower right hand corner (we'll choose to believe he signs checks and legal documents like this) are more than worthy of custom framing properly so that the work can be enjoyed and remain in perfect condition.

With our At Home custom framing kit there was no need to send the artwork through the mail, and the UV-Protective acrylic means no worry that these incredible colors will fade over time in the sunlight.

A NASA Space Poster and Vintage Nike Poster

Image credit: @Lukesbeard on Twitter

The black frame with white matting is becoming a theme in this installment of Freshly Framed!

This time, we're happy to see a proper frame up of a NASA poster along with a vintage Nike poster from the 70's. The Nike poster had a border of white space around the image, so adding a mat was not necessary to give the photo some breathing room.

As usual, Profile color is one of the main features we notice when looking at a frame, and the right one can complement the artwork perfectly. Beyond the classic black style, we've grouped our profiles into three classic frame collections to make it easier for you to decide on your next project.

We love sharing all of the incredible framing projects our customers create, and hope you found some inspiration for your next project.

Happy Framing!