7 Framing Projects for Quarantine

Online framing ideas to make lockdown a little more fun and productive

If you are starting to feel cooped up, we have seven online custom framing projects you can take on to fill the time and spruce up your home or workspace in the process.

These ideas will also help Americans in need during the pandemic. We're making a donation to World Central Kitchen for every frame sold this month.

1) Support your favorite local or independent artist

The world needs art more than ever.

If you've been following an artist on social media and loving their work, now's the time to pull the trigger on one of their prints or original pieces.

Art Prints by Tim Doyle

Signed and numbered Wes Anderson inspired prints by Tim Doyle.

Some of our team favorites include Mark Samsonovich, Joey Roth, 2046 Designs, Dan McCarthy and Invisible Creature.

2) Frame artwork with our DIY custom frames

For newly acquired prints and posters, or artwork you've been sitting on for years, it's easier than you think to get them beautifully framed and on the wall.

With our At Home custom framing solution, you can customize the profile and mat style in just a few clicks. We'll send the handcrafted frame, guaranteed to fit your artwork, with everything you need to mount and hang your art.

It's a 15 to 20 minute DIY project you can complete without leaving the house. Here's a short overview of the process:

3) Frame and display your favorite music

As music lovers, we were inspired a few years ago to create a unique way to frame vinyl records. The album cover shows in full while the vinyl peeks out of its sleeve.

It's a great conversation stater, and one way to celebrate the memories and feelings inspired by your favorite music.

Image credit: @foxanddesign / framed vinyl records by Level Frames

Search our catalog of framed records, ask us to track one down for you, or frame a record you already own.

For this last option, we've created a DIY process so that you can frame your album at home:

4) Take care of existing frames

Just like any piece of furniture, it's important to clean your frames once in awhile so that your artwork and framed photos can be admired for years to come.

One basic rule is to avoid using wood polish or chemical cleaning sprays which could damage the finish or affect the artwork. We have a number of other tips you can follow for taking care of picture frames.

Freshly wiped down Goonies "Never Say Die" framed print from artist Jeff Langevin

5) Send a framed photo as a gift

If you can't be with the people you care about, pick an amazing photo from your last family gathering, spectacular vacation or once-in-a-lifetime experience to let them know you are thinking of them.

We’ll print the photo, handcraft a museum-quality frame to fit and send it to your lucky recipient with gift wrapping and a note.

Frame a single photo and go big, combine up to five in a collage frame, or check out our super giftable tabletop picture frames that can hang on the wall or sit upright on tables and shelves.

Framed Gift Ideas - Level Frames
No need to wait for the holidays with these gift ideas

6) Upgrade your home workspace

A few months ago, your home office may have been an afterthought where you paid the occasional bill or fired off a few emails on the weekend.

Just like any workspace outside of your home, the decor can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity.

To give yourself something more inspiring to look at while you WFH, frame a photo, a record album or any of the artwork you've collected.

2046 Designs Space Artwork - Custom Framed by Level Frames

"Apollo" by 2046 Design, framed in 3/4" Maple profile

We've found that certain artwork is quite effective for helping us get into the zone. The first print ever framed using Level Frames, which hangs in the office today, was "Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler" by Joey Roth.

Joey Roth Framed Artwork

Through a partnership with Joey, we have a special collection of his wisdom-filled prints, all available with the option to customize the frame to your liking.

7) Get started on an epic gallery wall of picture frames

We've all seen examples of amazing gallery walls.

We do see customers frame years worth of artwork they've collected all in one shot. And it's easier than ever to turn a collection of your own photos into a truly personalized gallery wall.

Create a Gallery Wall with Framed Photos
Image credit A. Cuba on Instagram

Another approach is to pick a wall with plenty of space, frame and hang your top three or four pieces, and leave room to expand your gallery wall with new additions.

Image credit @tc_interiordesign on Instagram, custom frames by Level Frames

It can be fun to work in a variety of new styles and sizes over time, each new frame a puzzle piece to fit in with the rest of your framed photos and artwork.

8) Bonus Idea - Frame your pet!

It's always a good time to go though your camera or phone and frame the photos that make you happy.

One common subject we see in framed photos is dogs and other pets. These furry companions have proved to be reliable work-from-home buddies and quarantine MVPs for many families.

Celebrate your own furry friend with a framed photo you can enjoy every day!

Frame a Photo - Framed Dog Portraits

Let us know if you have other ideas for using online framing to brighten your home, provide a fun project to work on, or make someone's day.

Above all, we hope you are staying safe and healthy, and look forward to helping on your next framing project whenever that may be.