Your Guide to Displaying Photos and Art

Creative ways to display pictures at home

The way you fill empty walls in your home, apartment or office makes a huge impact on how you experience each space.

With online framing, you can preserve and beautifully display special artwork, photos and other items that make you feel good.

There are countless creative ways to display photos and art. In this article, we break down a few of our favorites as inspiration and ideas for dressing up your own walls.

Frames in a Grid Pattern

Grid pattern gallery wall designs for framed photos

Image credits: @andycuba, the Gallery Grid layout from Level Frames

If you have an even number of similarly sized pieces or framed photos, the grid pattern is pretty fail-proof.

It's a clean design with low guesswork when it comes to executing the layout, and can transform a bare wall into something much more interesting.

It's also a great way to showcase pieces by the same artist or with similar subject matter. Displaying your framed artwork or photos in a series of columns and rows will create a bigger visual impact, and works especially well for smaller or medium-sized frames.

Statement Styling

Oversize picture frames to make a statement in any room

Image credits: @thefarmersdog and @crysyun on Instagram

When you love a piece of art enough to acquire a large version of it (or have an amazing high-resolution image), you have the opportunity to make it a focal point in your home.

Use a statement piece to tie a room together by hanging oversized framed art or a photo. Display something by itself on the wall, or centered above a piece of furniture like your bed or couch.

Statement art is a great way to add instant character to a place you are renting, or anywhere it's harder to make more permanent design changes.

The Line Up

Triptych gallery wall layout with three framed photos

Image credit: @mickimorris on Instagram

This layout is perfect for art or custom frames where you have a little less space to work with.

You can go vertical or horizontal, with an even or odd number of frames. They don't even have to be the same size, just line them all by the top or bottom edge of the frame, or center them to create a stack.

We like this particular style for adding creative flair to homes with minimal wall space, but when you have more room we have a number of gallery wall layouts that fit the bill:

Gallery wall designs for framed photos in horizontal and vertical stacks

From left: The Large Portrait Trio, Tall Stack, Weighted Triptych and Mini Triptych gallery wall designs

Mix and Match

Gallery wall of framed photos and artwork

Don't be afraid to combine different frame styles, sizes, colors and artwork types. The addition of a collage picture frame or two can be a welcome touch. This creates a more eclectic and organic display that can really reflect your unique taste.

You can even mix in unframed art and photos, or introduce art stretched on canvas and other mediums.

We've grouped our profiles into a few different collections of frame styles to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and create that variety.

You can also experiment with different shapes of your hanging layout to add visual interest.

Lean It

Image credits: @ahaynes and @angellarosehome

Displaying photos or artwork on a shelf, picture ledge, entry table or even your floor is a fun way to dress up your space without any hammering or nails.

With this technique you also get to curate the space around the frame, so you can add other unique touches like succulents, ceramics or memorabilia to show off your personal style.

There are really no rules when it comes to this one! Arrange a cluster of frames together, putting the larger frames in back for a more layered look.

Frame Something Unexpected

Have you ever thought about displaying something out of the ordinary? Artwork can be anything!

Consider transforming maps, tapestries, book covers, advertisements, vinyl records, or even dried flowers into unique pieces of art for your walls.

By framing unconventional items, you can create unexpected and personalized d├ęcor that tells a story and adds character to any space. Whether it's a vintage map of your favorite city, a beautiful tapestry from your travels, or a beloved book cover, these items can become stunning focal points in your home.

Don't be afraid to get creative and explore new ways to showcase the things you love!

Feeling inspired to create your own frame layout, creative design or gallery wall?

Get started with a single frame, browse our most popular frame styles or select one of the gallery wall layouts we have curated. You can also check out some of our favorite resources for free, high-quality images that we can print and frame for you.

Find out why it's better to custom frame online!

Hanging a picture frame
Bonus Tips and Tricks for Hanging Framed Artwork

1. Leave 2-3" of wall space between each frame for breathing room

2. Plan your design by laying frames on your floor or by making their paper cutouts to stick on your wall

3. Try to hang frames at eye-level or just above, especially if you plan on hanging just a couple