How to Hang a Picture Frame

There's nothing more frustrating than backing away from your wall and noticing that your picture frame is hung too high, too low, slightly crooked, or not centered. What do you do now? Do you live with this ill-fitting placement or hammer in the nail and hook once again?

Our step-by-step guide on how to properly hang your frames will help you avoid these irritating issues anymore. If you still have an empty frame and are wondering how to properly mount your artwork, check out the instructional guide that will guide you through this process.

All Level frames include the necessary items and hanging hardware needed to complete this task -- all you need is a hammer and the right wall space!

Step 1

Check the front of your frame to make sure the contents are mounted and positioned properly. Then get a couple of plastic bumpers and stick them to the two bottom corners of your frame. This will protect the frame from scratching against your wall and vice versa.

Step 2

With a pencil, lightly mark the spot on your wall where you'd like the top edge of the frame to be. One half-inch below that mark, use a hammer to tap in the nail at a very slight, downward angle and leave a little of the nail showing. If your frame has a sawtooth hanger, please skip to Step 5.

Step 3

Larger frames should come with a wire-hanging system. If you have a Level frame, you'll need to secure the wire to the frame using the enclosed screws and Level screwdriver which has an adjustable tip that can be flipped around to Phillips head. Locate the two pre-drilled holes closer to the top side of the frame and attach the wire to both sides with the screws until it's taut across the frame.

Step 4

Find a picture frame hook and steel nail, then position your frame where you'd like to hang (having a partner helps) and make a light pencil mark on the wall above the center of the frame's top edge. Next measure the distance between the top of your frame and the wire, and make a new pencil mark that same distance below your first mark.

Using a hammer and nail, tap in the hook so that the bottom is level with your lower pencil mark.

Step 5

With your hook or nail in the wall, it's finally time to hang your frame! For the sawtooth, hang your frame so that the nail is in contact with the sawtooth but not the frame itself.

For the wire-hanging system, use your hand to place it into the cradle of the hook. Make sure the wire is not resting on top of the nail head else the weight of the frame might pop it out.

Level your frame and you are done! Now you'll never have to live with accidental nail holes again.

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Photo credit: @justincblomgren

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