Pairing Framed Art with Houseplants

A recipe for a vibrant home featuring your favorite photos, artwork and greenery

There's something inherently pleasing about bringing nature indoors, especially when paired with art that speaks to your soul.

Combining houseplants with framed photos and artwork is a timeless decor tip that can transform any space into a sanctuary of warmth, color, and creativity.

Continue reading below as we cover some of the benefits of this pairing and a few tips for harmoniously blending greenery with art!

The Benefits of Pairing Art and Plants

Visual Balance - The contrast between the structured lines of a framed piece and the organic forms of plants creates a visually pleasing balance in your space, making it more inviting.

Original artwork custom framed by Level Frames

Original artwork framed with a 1" black profile and 2.5" of matting

Mood Boost - Studies have uncovered evidence that houseplants can reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. Surrounding yourself with art and meaningful framed photos has shown to have similar benefits.

The combination can create the feeling of a peaceful oasis in your home. This applies equally to your workspace, where a feeling of calm and order can work wonders for your productivity.

Framed artwork for a calm and productive workspace

Gallery style white profile and mat, framed at home by @ssma11z with our DIY framing kits

Air Quality - Plants are nature's air purifiers, removing indoor pollutants and producing fresh oxygen.

Surrounded by art and greenery, you're not only beautifying your space but also making it healthier!

Printed and framed wedding photo

Custom framed wedding photo in 3/4" walnut, printed on archival matte fine art paper

Versatility - Both plants and art come in a vast range of sizes, colors, and styles. This means endless combinations and opportunities to refresh the look of your interiors.

Home decor tip - pair custom framed artwork with houseplants

Tips & Tricks for a Harmonious Pairing

Coordinate Colors - Choose plants that complement the color palette of your artwork.

For instance, a framed piece with rich orange tones or a sunset might pop next to a pot or foliage with a complementary accent color.

Custom framed art print with natural maple profile and 4-ply matting

Play with Heights - Use plant stands, books or hanging pots to vary the heights of your plants, creating a multi-dimensional look when combined with wall-hung art.

Gallery style frames artwork and photos

Framed artwork featuring prints by Invisible Creature

Choose the Right Spot - Ensure the spot you choose for your plant gets the right amount of sunlight.

Similarly, keep valuable artwork out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. On everything we frame, we offer the option of UV-protective glaze to protect your artwork and photos from sun damage.

Framed photos and artwork for the dining room

Theme It Up - If you have an artwork of a coastal scene, pairing it with plants like palm or ferns can amplify the beachy vibe.

Similarly, a desert landscape goes well with cacti or succulents.

Home decor tips for pairing framed photos with plants

Did you know that we specialize in framing oversize prints and artwork?

Scale Matters - Don’t pair a small framed photo with an oversized plant or vice-versa. Ensure that both the art and the plant are to scale with each other and the space.

Framed photo in our Academie Gold profile, part of the Classic Collection of frame colors

If you are filling up an entire gallery wall of framed photos, make sure your plants do not get overwhelmed.

Gallery wall of framed photos

When the scale is right, plants and framed pieces can complement and elevate each other, creating focal points in a room. A mismatched scale can lead to missed opportunities for creating these visually appealing combinations.

Over to you!

Art and houseplants are a match made in decor heaven. They bring together the best of human creativity and nature's beauty.

So, if you're looking to breathe life into your home, this pairing is the way to go. Get creative, experiment with combinations, and watch your space transform!

If you need to start with the frames, we have numerous ways to take your best pictures and turn them into beautifully framed wall art, including our collage picture frames which can combine multiple images to tell a story with photos.

Print and frame picture collages

The Offset (17" x 17" outer dimensions) - one of the many curated collage frame layouts we offer

Don't forget to water your plants, and that a little maintenance on your wall decor can go a long way in helping it last as long as possible. Read our top tips and tricks for that in How to Take Care of your Picture Frames.

Happy framing!