What We Framed in October

Space artwork, postcard collages, signed concert posters and more

The few weeks before Thanksgiving can be a busy time of year.

We're happy to say we are here and focused on helping you get things done. Specifically, crafting museum-quality frames for photos and artwork you're hoping to have up on the wall in time for the holiday and family gatherings.

So cozy up and join us for a quick review of some unique custom framing projects our customers brought to life last month, and let them spark your imagination to frame your own treasures.

Minimalistic Space poster framed in an unexpected way

Custom framed 2046 Design poster with an elevated float mount

Starline #4 by 2046 Design, elevated float framed with our Weathered Black profile and Cool Grey matting

Every so often, someone's choice of frame style stops us in our tracks and reminds us why we do what we do. When we remember it can be as much about making a statement as it is about preserving a moment.

One of our customers recently came up with a frame design that was as unique and expressive as the artwork it now holds. The piece in question? A futuristic poster from the 2046 Design, known for artwork that captivates and provokes thought about the tomorrow.

The frame selection was unexpected and yet so apt: a rustic, weathered profile that encapsulates stories of the past, holding a vision of the future within its bounds. This juxtaposition against a Cool Gray mat brought an intriguing contrast that highlighted the artwork’s modern aesthetic while adding an earthy depth that's typically absent in such futuristic themes.

The elevated float mount was an added touch of eye-catching drama, and the final result is a terrific showcase for the potential within framing and how it can not only preserve but elevate a photo or work of art.

Note that along with an 8-ply option, you can find additional mat colors like Cool Gray in the Advanced Options:

Gallery-style DIY framing for a plant-filled home

Artwork framed from home in white maple with white matting

Transforming house into a home is all about adding touches that reflect your personality and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Custom framing special photos and artwork is an amazing way to just that.

And one design secret that never goes out of style is the classic pairing of lush houseplants with beautifully custom frames. It's a combination that brings a breath of fresh air to any living space, infusing it with life, color, and texture.

Sam used our DIY framing kit to frame his posters and prints from home.

We're thrilled that he was able to share the final result, and have to applaud his excellent decor sense in combining these lush house plants around his frames.

He also subscribes to another one of our framing tips and tricks, which is strategically placing one frame on a shelf of console table as opposed to hanging it on the wall.

Custom collage frame to showcase travel postcards

Custom collage frame with postcards in separate mat window openings

Custom collage frame with four separate window opening and framed with a Natural Walnut profile

In search of a truly unique and personal way to capture the essence of your travels?

The next time you find yourself wandering through a new city or exploring exotic locales, consider collecting postcards or small art prints. But don’t let them languish in a drawer or a scrapbook – bring them into the light by framing them within a custom collage as one of our customers did recently with these very cool watercolor postcards picked up on a trip to Iceland.

Creating a collage frame not only keeps the memories vivid but also turns your wall into a storytelling canvas. And if you’re thinking of framed gifts that speak volumes, a memento like this is as special as they come.

So the next time you travel, skip the souvenirs that will gather dust. Opt instead for something that carries the spirit of your adventures and keeps the wanderlust alive – both on your walls and in your heart!

A bevy of concert posters framed in a classic style

Tom Petty framed concert poster

Limited edition, signed Tom Petty tour poster custom framed with gallery-style profile and white matting

One of our customers is a serious collector of music tour posters, and recently framed up a number of beautiful prints.

In addition to being able to enjoy these frames on her walls for years to come, there are a number of reasons why custom framing your concert posters is a great idea.

For one, improper storage leaves artwork at risk of irreversible damage that can affect appearance and value, so getting them out of their tubes can be the safest move.

And with off-the-shelf frames, you may encounter cardboard or masonite which can damage art over time, let along being a poor fit for non-standard sizes.

Metallica framed concert poster

Metallica concert poster, signed by the artist and custom framed with Black profile and black matting

With custom framing, you can select conservation-grade materials like UV protective glaze, and create the perfect frame design that fits your poster perfectly. This is super important when creating a frame that's meant to last for decades.

Framed concert posters L to R: Ray Charles, Dead and Company, and Beastie Boys

We hope you feeling inspired to custom frame your own artwork or photos so that they can be enjoyed at home or in your work space every day.

And if you have nothing to frame at the moment, have a look at the work of the exceptional artists in our growing collection of featured framed artwork.

We'll be standing by to help on any and all of your online custom framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy Framing!