What We Framed in September

Vintage posters, artwork for a gallery show, generative art prints and more

The first signs of fall are here, finding us still busy crafting museum-quality frames for your most important photos and artwork.

Let's look back together on some of the custom framing projects completed by our customers last month, including a framed vintage poster, artwork on exhibit, generative art prints and more.

Read on to review these feats of framing from September and get inspired to frame something of your own. We'll help you achieve what should be the goal on every framing project: Joy, pride and satisfaction over the final result hanging on your wall.

A vintage poster framed and matted at home

Custom framed vintage poster

Black maple frame and white mat from Christine S.'s review of Level Frames

For art prints and posters you don't want to risk sending through the mail, we are pleased to offer DIY kits for framing your items from home with the same conservation grade materials you would find in any high-end gallery.

Christine had a vintage poster of an old advertisement for a brand of oranges that was quite delicate. When you are framing at home, we only need the exact dimensions of your artwork to craft a custom frame to fit. Customize every detail online, and we'll ship to your door everything you'll need to mount the art at home and have it in your wall in no time.

Christine chose a more sturdy 1" black profile based on the size the poster, and added 2.5" of matting to give the artwork some breathing room and draw in the eye.

From her Level Frames review:

Beautiful frame! We are very impressed with the workmanship and the comprehensive instructions. Thank you!

The final result looks to be straight from the custom frame shop, a beautiful complement to this cozy kitchen area where her newly framed art can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Read more about the differences between framing at home vs. sending in your art to see which method is right for your project.

Elevated float mount for a gallery exhibition

Elevated float mounted framed artwork

Artwork by Janine Menlove custom framed in Natural Maple and floated with spacers

Artist Janine Menlove put on a show last months called "Artifacts of Magic” at the Martucci Gallery in Irvington New York, and we were honored to frame some of the pieces in her exhibition of 20 new photomontages.

This montage was mounted to a linen parchment, and to reveal the frayed texture of the sides, we framed this piece as an elevated float mount. The lift underneath the artwork creates some depth and a small shadow around the piece for added drama.

Float mounting your artwork can be a great way to frame prints that have deckled edges or other interesting features, or when a signature or edition number runs all the way to the paper edge and would be otherwise covered up by the matting or lip of the frame.

If you are an artist with an exhibition or gallery show coming up, we are excited to support you with flexible deadlines, additional framing options and artist discounts.

Generative art - from algorithm to framed print

Printed and framed Fidenza - Tyler Hobbs

Custom framed Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs, image credit @Toddg777 on Twitter

As we've outlined recently, one of the emerging trends in the art world is Generative Art.

Instead of traditional tools like pens and brushes, these works are created using computer code. Specific sets of rules, or 'algorithms,' are programmed to dictate how the artwork will form, and by introducing elements of randomness into these rules, each creation is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Todd is an enthusiastic collector of generative art such as the Fidenza above that he printed and framed with us. There were several more from Todd and other collectors beautifully framed last month and worth sharing.

Framed works of Generative Art - Level Frames

A Squiggle by Snowfro in Black Maple with white mat and Bosque de Chapultepec by Daniel Calderon Arenas

Framing works of Generative Art - Level Frames
Act of Emotion by Kelly Milligan, framed in black with UV protective glaze, an Archetypes from Kjetil Golid, and Fidenza #479 by Tyler Hobbs framed with a white, gallery-style profile

Customers have been turning to us to translate these digital works into prints on paper, and of course custom frame the resulting art prints.

Framed vinyl record with lyrics in the mat window opening

Custom framed Billy Joel record with lyrics

Billy Joel's "River of Dreams" custom framed vinyl with personalized text

Several years ago, we were inspired to honor the art form of the album cover with a unique method for framing vinyl records.

Since then, we've framed thousands of records for customers around the world, and even come up with a DIY framing kit for framing your own albums at home.

Per a special request, we added a second mat window opening to our framed album layout and included the lyrics from a special song from the record. The results were quite spectacular, and we were honored to help create such a special household memento.

This is just one of the ways you can personalize a frame or a framed photo, making whatever you are framing extra meaningful.

We hope you feeling inspired to custom frame artwork or frame a photo so that it can be enjoyed at home or in your work space every day.

We're standing by to help on any and all of your online custom framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy Framing!