Five to Frame: Dan McCarthy

Discover five stunning prints for custom framing

Welcome to another installment of our Five to Frame series, where we bring you exceptional artists and highlight five of their works to appreciate on their own or in the custom frame of your choosing.

Spotlight on Dan McCarthy

This week, we are thrilled to spotlight the versatile and innovative artist, Dan McCarthy.

Dan's creative process typically begins with intricate pen and ink drawings, but quickly transcends into all kinds of mediums—from wood panels to experimental test prints to the luminescent allure of glow-in-the-dark posters.

Enjoy five of his works below, and see each of them across various frame styles in our gallery.

Master of Various Art Forms

Dan is not just an artist but a craftsman, printing every piece himself.

He has mastered the forms of etching, lithography and screen printing, showcasing a rare blend of technical prowess and artistic vision.

His commitment to the craft ensures each print carries a personal touch, making them all the more special. Many are signed and numbered and offered as limited-edition prints.

When framing a print with a number or signature, it's important to make sure that any embellishments on the paper from the artist are not covered up. We have several tips on this available in our guide to custom framing art with signatures or borders.

Measuring an art print with a signature and edition number
Custom Framing Options

Each of these exceptional art prints is available with our museum-quality custom frame and mat options, allowing you to choose a frame that matches your aesthetics and enhances the visual appeal of the artwork.

Choosing the right frame color and mat style can accentuate the art and make it a focal point in any room.

Connect with Dan

To explore more of Dan’s innovative work, follow him on Instagram @dandanmccarthy. You can also shop more of his art prints at his online store.

And if you've already purchased a print from Dan and are looking for a frame, we're here to tell you that online custom framing is the way to go.

That's a wrap!

Our Five to Frame series brings you exceptional pieces of art to discover, each one handpicked to elevate your home and make your walls truly stand out.

We hope you've enjoyed exploring and possibly owning a piece of Dan's world, beautifully framed to your liking.

Stay tuned for more discoveries in upcoming features!

Custom framed artwork from Dan McCarthy