Oversize Prints and Custom Frames

We're obsessed with providing the best online custom framing experience for your artwork and photos.

If you have an oversized item to frame, or want to print and frame something HUGE for your walls, we have you covered! This is our guide to extra large picture frames for really big posters, prints and photos.

58" x 42.5" photos framed by Level for an Unsplash event at Apple last summer.

Framing Oversize Artwork

When framing artwork already in your possession, you have the option to receive an empty frame and insert the item on your own. For anything bigger than 36" x 36", we recommend that you send it into us for the framing.

You'll notice that for our In-Studio framing option, you are unable to enter dimensions higher than 60"

We've created this limitation because extra large picture frames require a bit of extra attention, so we ask that you please , or reach out to us directly via chat (lower right-hand corner) or at hello@levelframes.com to provide some details.

One reason for this is that on larger items, we face size limitations with FedEx and UPs, but have additional courier options if you are custom framing in New York.

Framing Options

When framing an extra large or oversize piece, we recommend a wider frame profile to maintain visual balance, and to give the frame some extra strength and rigidity. Our rule of thumb is that for artwork over 30" x 40", you'll want to use a profile at least 1.25" wide, and once your artwork exceeds 36" x 48", bump that to at least 1.5" width.

We have a variety of custom frame options on our site, and will be adding this collection going forward. If you are looking for a profile or style that you don't see, please let us know so that we can special order and customize the frame to your exact liking.

For artwork on canvas, we can stretch it for you on 0.75" bars or 1.5" bars, and send it back as a Museum Wrap or with the frame of your choice.

Large framed prints will have extra surface area, so the glaze you choose is important. Our UV-protective option will block over 99% of UV rays that can fade paper-based artwork. We also have a Non-glare glaze that offers UV protection on oversize picture and poster frames and will diffuse the light to reduce reflections from surrounding light sources. If you are looking for the absolute top technology for large frames, you can opt for Museum Optium Plexi, which is virtually invisible, anti-reflective, anti-static and scratch resistant. Check out our guide to picture frame glazes to learn more.

In any case, we are here to answer questions if you are unsure of anything, and can provide detailed mock-ups of your artwork across a number of frame choices. There's no charge for this service, and we can provide free price quotes on any of the options presented. Or, submit your artwork details and build out a quote with artwork previews on your own.

Example framing options for Enzo Mari's 44" x 44" La Mela - Red Apple Poster

Also note that if there is an oversize print or poster you have your eye on, you can let us know before you purchase it. We'll provide framing options, and then acquire the print directly so that it can be sent to us for framing and then shipped to you ready-to-hang.

This reduces the amount of travel on your artwork, and totally eliminates the need to venture out to a custom frame shop.


For photos you'd like to print and frame, images can be printed as large as 48" x 96". We inspect every file to make sure the resolution is high enough for your desired print size, and in some cases make a test print to verify. You can upload your photos to frame here, or contact us directly for anything over 36" x 36" (and specific print sizes).

When you send us your file, we will take a look and let you know the maximum print size based on its resolution and DPI. We have an images and printing team dedicated to making sure your framed photos look their best.

Each one of our printers is color calibrated so that the images are always consistent with respect to color accuracy (note that the final result may look different from what you see on your screen).

For our customer photos as well as fine art prints that we produce for artists, we use archival paper and pigmented inks which are recommended for longevity and guaranteed not to fade even in direct sunlight for 100 years by Canon and Epson.

You can find sites and services that oversize photos for much cheaper, but beware of solvent and dye based printers, your images will print less crisply and will fade away over time.


Shipping limitations kick in once the frame exceeds certain dimensions, so we'll need your location to make sure your frame is shippable. Once your extra large, oversize frame is ready, we'll take extreme care in packaging it up and send it back to ready-to-hang via FedEx.

If you live in New York City, we can hand-deliver the frame (or frames) anywhere in the city via a trusted art courier service. We cover many parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well. This can be more convenient than FedEx in some cases.

Some of Our Favorite Projects

Image source: Instagram

We had a lot of fun printing and framing this beautiful summer scene for Lori, photograph taken by Chris Behroozian. Usually on large picture frames for large-scale prints, photos or canvases, a mat isn't necessary because a larger frame might actually make it more difficult for your eyes to focus on what's actually important.

Image source: Instagram

Dmitri Cherniak uses algorithms to design the compositions in his geometric prints. He wanted us to create a pair of beautiful framed prints comprising of one collage picture frame and a matching oversized version. When hung together, the two create a stronger visual statement versus being displayed without a matching counterpart.

Image source: Instagram

Noemi had such a colorful painting for us to frame and in order to emphasize the bright tones more, we decided a white frame and mat was the way to go. To personalize her frame even more, we added a very special touch and bevel float mounted the artwork so that a slight shadow is created. Floating your artwork is a great way to make any art piece pop, especially if your paper has any deckled edges you feel like showing off.


Framing anything can be confusing, and framing extra large, oversize items present a few different variables due to their size, but we're here to help. If you already have a project in mind, you can fill out this quick form so we can understand the scope of your project.

Or don't hesitate to reach out with any questions via the chat bubble at bottom right, or by sending us a note at hello@levelframes.com.

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