4 Perfect (Customer) Photos for Picture Framing Inspiration

One of our favorite things is seeing photos shared by our customers of their framed artwork hung up in their homes and offices. Not only do we get to see the final product of our work, but we get some seriously great design inspiration shots and a glimpse into every customer's personal style and creativity. We want to make custom framing easier, better and more convenient so every space of yours can feel more like home.

In this post, we wanted to invite you along for the ride by sharing some of our favorite customer photos and the creative choices that put them on our list.

Image source: Jessica O, Instagram

This photo provides a glimpse of what goes into mounting your artwork with one of our DIY frames. It's a quick 10-15 minute process, not to mention the fact that you get that sense of accomplishment once it's all done. Here, Jess is getting started on framing the last of her three small prints in natural maple frames with off-white mats. Looks like all that's left after mounting this print is to attach the hanging hardware!

Image source: Susan L, Instagram

Susan's art pieces are right at home in her colorful, cozy living space. Making up their own little linear gallery wall, these Studio Ghibli prints were mounted in white maple frames in full bleed. Full bleed framing is the way to go, making each framed print look like a little window to the outside. Hanging the frames around eye level, not too far above the top of the sofa, ensures that all the design elements in the room are tied together to create a complete aesthetic which, we must say, looks absolutely awesome here.

Susan is also a fantastic watercolor artist, check out her Studio Ghibli-inspired artwork on Level Press.

Image source: Timothy M, Instagram

The prospect of mixing wood tones in your home decor can be daunting, but Timothy went after it like a pro. The natural maple frame lightens things up, without looking at all out of place, and ties nicely into the outdoorsy/travel theme of this little area in the room. We also love the look of the wide mat, which is around double the width the the frame itself, as it creates a nice visual balance and allows the frame to take up the perfect amount of space above his console table.

Image source: The Makerista

The Makerista, creator and home decor blogger extraordinaire, has included our frames in some amazing design projects over the years. We especially love this one because of the cohesive look she was able to achieve, mixing several shades of pinks with the white foundational aspects of the room, like the bed frame, dresser, and our white maple frame. The placement of the small frame inside the open closet is a subtle touch, but an adorable one that most people wouldn't think of. Gwen even added her own personal style to hanging a picture frame, by replacing the wire on her large frame with a delicate chain, which we completely love.

While we love seeing finished frames hanging in their new homes, we also enjoy helping with the process from start-to-finish. If you have any burning design questions, or need framing recommendations for a photo or piece of artwork, let us know! You can easily reach out to us via chat, by clicking the blue chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

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