Tips & Ideas for Decorating Any Office Space with Custom Framing

Maybe you're the office manager at a large company, and have been put in charge of decorating the office. Or, maybe you're a parent who works from home and has less space to work with. Either way, you want an office that's well-decorated so that you and your colleagues will feel extra inspired to do their best work. A beautiful work space is paramount in providing everyone, including your clients, with a visual invitation to get to know you and the company better. No matter what the situation, we have put together some tips and recommendations for making your office space look its absolute best.

Below, we'll offer styling tips for offices both big and small, as well as ideas on what to frame, such as:

  • Company Logos
  • Branded Posters or Advertisements
  • Movie Posters
  • Vinyl Records
  • Employee Portraits & Bios
  • Large Statement Pieces

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Corporate & Big Office Spaces

What to Frame

As far as what to hang on the walls, we think one of the best places to start is to tap the resources you already have, through your company's own advertising or design assets. Printing and framing your logo, branded posters, or favorite ads you've created is the perfect way to liven up your office without having to spend a ton of time sourcing artwork or photographs from somewhere else.

Check out what we did with the finance startup Earnest for some inspiration in branded office decor.

Another option is to curate your own content for your walls. Employee portraits framed along short bios, photos from the last company retreat, or favorite press articles about the company can serve as fun, personalized alternatives to traditional artwork or photographs.

If you'd rather go with artwork or photos from another source, try picking pieces that follow a common theme. This could mean either the same type of subject matter -- scenes from the city your company is based in, for example -- or just the same style in terms of color or visual design. Framed movie posters and framed vinyls are also a great way to add personality to any office.

Styling Tips

When it comes to decorating an office, sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to best take advantage of a large amount of empty space. It can be intimidating, especially if you're starting from scratch and aren't sure where to start or what kind of things will work with the overall atmosphere of your office.

First, a quick tip for decorating large spaces: Picking one big statement frame that will cover an entire wall (or most of it) is your first option. Something like this will become a focal point of your office, so make sure whatever you're putting there will work well with the rest of your design elements and be a good representation of your company for anyone who passes through.

Image source: Level Frames' Instagram, Pinterest

If you can't commit to one or have several photos/art pieces you'd like to display, then gallery walls with linear or grid layouts are a great option. These can be large enough to fill plenty of space, plus you can easily add new pieces to them in the future. Sleek black or white gallery style frames will pretty much match with anything, and are a great choice for a clean, modern gallery wall.

If you're looking to compartmentalize and create areas that feel distinct and separate in your office, try choosing different aesthetic themes for each room; for example, by any particular color palette, designer or subject-matter.

Home Office

Image source: Home Decor Designs

What to Frame

In a home office, the decor should be all about what makes you feel comfortable, productive and inspired. Framed typography, minimalist line drawing prints, or personal photographs are all great choices. The beauty of a home office is you get the freedom to sprinkle a lot more of your personality into the mix, unlike a shared corporate space. When choosing your color scheme, try to choose colors that won't be too bright or distracting.

If you're on a budget, but still in need of some beautiful artwork for your home office walls, there are also plenty of online sources for free, high-quality images that you can print and frame with Level.

Image source: Level Frames' Instagram, Pinterest

Styling Tips

When looking to decorate smaller offices, there are some general rules to follow that will allow you to make the most of the space you have available. First, don't feel like you need to fill every inch of empty wall -- over crowding like this could make your home office look and feel smaller, which you definitely want to avoid. Using lighter colored frames, or at least mixing lighter frames in with darker ones, will also make your space feel more open.

If you want to create a gallery wall in your home office, choose one wall and consider leaving the others fairly bare. This will create a focal point for the room and ensure it doesn't look too busy. You can also use art shelves above your desk as a place to put framed artwork and other small, decorative objects -- this way you can maximize your wall space and not take up too much room with bulky bookcases.

We've worked with several companies and individuals to help beautify their offices, big or small.

Here's how we can help:

  • Frame posters and prints you already have
  • Print and frame any of your designs and files
  • Design a gallery wall
  • Provide a theme and we'll personally curate framed artwork to match
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