More Ways To Frame Your Records

How to frame 7" vinyl, gatefold covers, double disc albums and more

Since the launch of our framed vinyl nearly six years ago, we've added several more options for framing your collection and our catalog is still growing with your requests.

We love getting to know your taste in music, so don't be shy. If you can't find your favorite vinyl record to frame, we'll track it down and frame it for you.

Abbey Road by the Beatles custom framed in Black Maple

Read on to learn some of the ways we can make framing your records even more special.

Framing Records At Home

You can now frame your collectible albums from the comfort of your home with our At-Home Vinyl Frame.

We've created an archival method and design that allows you to display and protect valuable vinyl with the freedom to remove them at any time. It's a great option if you have something special you'd rather not send through the mail.

Each frame comes with a kit containing everything you need to frame along with easy-to-follow video instructions.

Custom framed vinyl Ostinato Records

At-Home Vinyl Frame in Black Maple

All of the components in the frame including the matting and backing boards are acid-free and archival.

7" Singles

If you like our classic design but have a single rather than a full 12" album, we've got you covered. We can custom frame a 7" vinyl and sleeve in the same style.

"Inside Out" by Michael Giacchino framed vinyl in White Maple

When you purchase this frame for your album, we'll provide steps for mailing it to our studio where we will frame and ship it back ready to hang. The final outer dimensions of the frame are 17.5” x 12.5”.

Stacking Two Records Inside One Frame

For two albums that are best displayed as a pair, we can stack the records together into one frame and double the visual impact.

If you're a huge fan of a particular artist, this frame is a great way to showcase the extent of your devotion and create a star attraction in any room.

Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z and the Black Album by Jay-Z custom framed vinyl

Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and The Black Album vinyl framed in Black Maple

Gatefold Sleeves

Many records have an artistic gatefold design that would be a shame to hide. In this layout, we unfold the sleeve to create a symmetrical composition, with both LPs peeking out on the ends.

This unique display method beautifully represents the intersection of music and visual art. It requires a decent amount of space but you won't regret having it on your wall.

The Wall by Pink Floyd gatefold vinyl custom framed

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" vinyl framed in Black Maple

Choose between our Black or White Maple frames with 1" width, the finished size of the frame will be 44.5" x 18.5".

Frame a Double LP

A similar layout to our gatefold, this option allows you to show off both discs of a double album. It's perfect for special edition albums with multi-colored LPs that are just as important as the cover art.

Custom frame a double LP record

"This Is All Yours" by Alt-J and "Orc" by Oh Sees framed in Black Maple

As with the other styles, your record is framed using all wood profiles and archival matting. UV-filtering, non-glare acrylic is standard to protect your album against fading over time.

Outer dimensions of this frame are 33.5" x 17.5".

Custom Engraving

Our framed albums make popular gifts for all sorts of occasions and important events.

We can personalize your frame with custom text engraved on a brass plate-- a perfect place to commemorate a first dance, anniversary, or the release of your own band's album.

Vanessa Carlton's "Liberman" vinyl framed in White Maple with custom engraved plate

These custom engraving options paired with our framed vinyl make thoughtful one-of-a-kind gifts for music lovers.

Above are just a few examples of different layouts we've done, but we've got more up our sleeves. If at any time you have a special request, please let us know so that we can help display the music you love!

We also specialize in custom framing artist and gig posters, offering museum-quality framing for prints of all sizes, at a fraction of the cost you'll encounter at the custom frame shop.

So whether it's a limited-edition print, kids' artwork, or your own photos, Level Frames can help you custom frame it online. Join our rewards program today for $15 off your first order and exclusive framing perks.