What We Framed in February and March

Our framing highlights from the end of the season

It's been a while since our last roundup so we're glad to have another update you on what we've been framing. In February and March, we framed some beautiful pieces that are now hanging in people's homes and businesses.

From wedding photos to vintage albums, festival posters to original artwork, the possibilities are endless with online custom framing.

Here are some of our favorites!

Wedding Photos

Wedding photos framed in Black Maple - Image Credit: @claireepeterson on Instagram

Wedding photos are one of the most cherished items you will have from your big day. They capture all the emotions and memories of the occasion that you will want to look back on for years to come.

While you could simply put them in an album or keep them stored away in a box, custom framing can be tailored to match your home decor, making it easy to find a place to display your wedding photos where they will be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Orignal Abstract Watercolors

Thank you, @levelframes for the beautiful mats and frames! They made matting an ease and highlight my original artwork perfectly! 😍 - @winniekort

Our at-home framing kits work for all types of artwork, including watercolors. These original paintings by Winne were framed in Black Maple with a white mat.

For paintings that are colorful and busy, you can't go wrong choosing a simple frame that won't compete with the artwork. A frame can really change the look of a piece, so it's important to choose one that complements the artwork.

Choosing the right glaze is just as important as the frame, especially when it comes to original artwork. Artist's pigments used in paints, pencils, and other media have varying levels of light-fastness, which means some colors will fade more easily than others. That's why we recommend using UV-protective glaze on all original art, including children's art!

A Coastal Landscape Print

Central Coastal No. 04 by Steve Dayton

Steve Dayton is a Salt Lake City-based artist whose work draws inspiration from the California Central Coast. He framed this print of his digital work in a Natural Maple frame and white mat, which complements the warm colors of the painting.

We love working with artists of all levels, and across different mediums. Frame original artwork in your own studio using one of our DIY kits or send the artwork to us for framing. We can also print artwork on-demand and ship directly to your customers.

Read our article on how Level helps artists frame, print, and sell artwork.

Spoleto Festival Posters

Spoleto Festival posters framed in Academie Black with black matting

The Spoleto Festival is a world-renowned music and arts festival that takes place annually in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The festival draws artists and audiences from all over the world and features a wide range of performances, from opera to jazz to ballet.

These posters show just how great festivals can be for amazing artwork that's worthy of displaying. Framing the posters in Academy Black rather than a more minimal frame adds a decorative touch that elevates the art.

Josephine Baker Vinyl Records

Josephine Baker vinyl framed in Black

Along with her groundbreaking music career, Josephine Baker was also an active civil rights campaigner, and she used her platform to promote equality and fight discrimination. She was an inspiration to many, and her legacy continues to this day.

We had the honor of framing 16 of her albums last month for a client who sent them out as gifts. Framed albums make great personalized gifts for family, friends, clients, and employees.

You can see more ideas for gifting framed vinyl over on our blog!

We hope you are feeling inspired to custom frame your own artwork or frame a photo so that it can be enjoyed in your space every day.

We're standing by to help with any and all of your online custom framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results!

Happy Framing!