What We Framed In November

Bedroom makeovers, collectible records, framed maps, and more!

Each month we look forward to sharing what our customers have been up to and the unique ways they’ve been displaying their memories and collectibles. From collectible prints to original artwork, we’ve seen some amazing projects come through our easy online process.

We are back again for another showcase and are so excited to share with you what our customers have been creating with online custom framing in the month of November. Read on to get inspired and see the creativity of our customers in action!

A world map print

Kids World Map Custom Framed | Level Frames

Image Credit: @floseb_mama on Instagram

When it comes to children's spaces, artwork not only serves as decoration but a source of stimulation, and creativity, and can be an educational tool. This world map illustration framed in Natural Maple covers a few of those bases while pulling the colors of the room together.

Serena used our DIY frame kit for this print, which is a great choice for kids' rooms as it allows you to swap out the art as a child grows and their room changes.

A calming landscape

 Landscape Print Custom Framed | Level Frames

Image Credit: @lovenida__⁠ on Instagram

Artwork can be key to transforming a bedroom into a space that is inviting, relaxing, and a reflection of your personal style. In Nida's master bedroom, this landscape framed in a gold frame adds a subtle pop of color and creates a focal point above the bed.

With institutions like The Metropolotain Museum of Art and The Audubon society making artwork in the public domain free to search and download, it's easier than ever to find quality artwork for your home. If you'd like to find your own artwork, our guide on free hi-res artwork and photos is a good place to start.

An original illustration by Tracy Coon

Tracy Coon Art  Custom Framed | Level Frames

Image Credit: Tracy Coon Art

Tracy Coon is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New Jersey whose work centers around nature and the human form. This piece is the latest of many prints and paintings she has framedusing our DIY frame kits. For this piece, she chose an elevated float to show off the deckled edge and a Kota Black frame.

A frame for a signed record

Nazz Record Album  Custom Framed | Level Frames

Image Credit: @gmgconsultinggroup on Instagram

Our At-Home vinyl frame was designed with collectible albums in mind, so it's always a joy to see our customers use them for signed records.

Not only does the frame look professional, but with acid-free materials, UV filtering acrylic, and an adhesive-free mounting system, you can rest assured your album will be preserved for decades.

A scene from Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Art Custom Framed | Level Frames

Image Credit: @a_dmg04_ on Instagram

Commissioning artwork from an artist is not only a great way to add a personal touch to a gift or to your own collection, but it also allows you to directly support creators. Dylan decided to print and frame this digital piece which was commissioned from 3D artist Olhac.

There's a fun juxtaposition between the futuristic setting and the elements of a Renaissance painting, which is complemented by the classic style Academie frame.

Feeling inspired to custom frame artwork for your own home or frame your favorite picture so that you can enjoy it on the wall every day?

We're standing by to help with any and all of your online framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy framing!