What We Framed In October

A roundup of some of our favorite online framing projects this cozy season

From cherished photos to vintage magazines, concert posters to jigsaw puzzles, the possibilities are endless with online custom framing.

As autumn settles in and the holidays approach, we're preparing for more time spent indoors with family and starting to look for gift ideas for the special people on our list.

Read on to see some of the creative projects warming up our customers' homes this season.

A gallery of framed vintage ads

Custom framing magazine articles and ads

Via @dosesofcalm on Instagram

Andi had been holding on to some vintage magazines gifted to her by her father until she finally decided to frame them. She cut out a collection of advertisements and artwork to frame in this organic bedroom gallery arrangement.

This type of layout seems random, but ultimately feels purposeful and is one of the popular techniques we've seen in creating a gallery wall.

For these ads, Andi chose the Weathered Natural frame and covered the art with Optium Museum acrylic, which will protect the fragile pages from UV damage and provide a crystal clear view of the prints.

Custom framing for built-in decor

Get the right size custom frame to fit your decor

Via @trishaspearsdesign on Instagram

Built-in shelving is a traditional piece of home architecture that immediately adds character and warmth to a space. It's also an opportunity to fill with objects, photo albums, and books that are important to your family or just speak to your personal style.

But what about art?

Trisha's built-ins have these nice open spaces perfect for framed art, but they require getting a custom size to fit just right. She used our frame at-home kits to order just the right size frames for the alcoves. When you frame online with us, you can see the outer dimensions of each frame as you customize, which makes it easy to dial in just the right shape and style.

In this case, Trisha's artwork already had its own matting, but you can achieve the same look with one of our new mat colors available in the Advanced Options section of our frame builder.

A music festival memory

Framed Concert Poster Linkin Park

Via @imwhitey on Instagram

Any fan of nu-metal and alternative rock in the 2000's would have been excited to attend a festival with the lineup that Projekt Revolution brought together!

Christian was fortunate to attend as a teen and even has his own memorabilia (a drumstick from Linkin Park's performance), but he also wanted to frame a concert poster for his collection.

Fortunately, he was able to find one of the tour posters from a collector that had even been signed by the band members of Linkin Park.

Christian chose our Weathered Gray frame in the 1.625" width and floated the poster on top of a black mat. As always, UV-filtering acrylic is the best choice for a collectible item like this to ensure it stays in top condition for years to come.

A Jiggy puzzle beautifully framed

Frame a puzzle online - Jiggy and Level Frames

Cali Views (by Domonique Brown) available at Jiggy inside our Academie Gold frame

This month we created the ultimate guide for how to frame a jigsaw puzzle-- it covers everything from gluing and mounting your puzzle, to selecting the right framing options!

We chose to frame this puzzle from Jiggy; they have a great selection of artwork and sends their puzzles with a complete kit to glue the pieces down once your masterpiece is complete.

Framing a puzzle was a super fun project, we think that if you give it a try you will find it just as rewarding as we did and look forward to helping you display it on the wall.

Whether you're refreshing your space for the season or getting a jump on holiday gifting with custom framed art, we've got you covered.

Custom Dog Portraits in Collage Frame

As always, we're standing by to help with any and all of your online framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy framing!