What We Framed in November

A collection of some of our favorite fall framing projects

Whether it's family photos, an original watercolor, or digital art, the possibilities are endless with online custom framing.

For many of us, this time of year is always packed with holiday gifting and taking the time to make our homes feel comfortable and festive.

Here are a few of our favorite creative gifts and at-home framing projects from November.

1. A Bedroom Gallery Wall

Image Credit: A View from Tobacco Road

This master bedroom refresh from Vinca really shows how creative you can get with holiday decorating in every room of the home.

Starting with just the image files from her newborn photoshoot, she set out to find both the prints and the frames. With our option to print and frame a photo in one shot, the process is as simple as uploading your images, selecting the print size, and customizing your frame.

We make it easy to design a gallery wall or grouping like this one by providing a virtual mockup of the frame, along with the estimated outer dimensions you can expect the frames to be.

For this project, Vinca went with a 9" x 12" print size, a spacious 2" mat all around, and a White Maple profile with 0.75" face.

If you need some guidance on your own project, you can take a look at our most popular frame styles. We've curated a number of sizes and set the frame and mat width to make sure you end up with something you love.

2. A Countryside Wedding

Image Credit: @issata on Twitter

For her wedding photo, Melissa already had her fine art print and just needed a frame for it.

After she went with our at-home framing option, we built her frame to fit the print and shipped it directly to her so that could insert the photo on her own. It's a 15 minute DIY project and the fastest way to get anything framed with the same quality as a custom frame shop.

The design she went with is a 1.5" white mat and Natural Walnut frame to match the neutral landscape of her photo.

3. Custom Calligraphy Art

Image Credit: @bisbeeroux | Artist: @pen_and_inkcap

The artist and calligrapher behind Pen and Ink Cap is keeping a centuries-old tradition alive with their custom calligraphy art.

This bespoke song lyric art is another great example of customizable artwork that makes a unique gift for any occasion.

The design chosen for this artwork is a sandwich float on top of a charcoal mat, finished with our Natural Walnut frame and non-glare UV acrylic. This tone of Natural Walnut has long been one of our most popular frame colors.

4. Abstract NFT Art

Image Credit: @amber_vittoria on Twitter

This NFT art comes from Amber Vittoria, an NYC-based artist and poet.

Like her traditional artwork, her NFT collections feature abstracts and typography, drawing on her relationship to femininity, emotion, and societal expectations.

She chose to print and frame her NFT as a 19" x 24" print size, with a 3.5" mat and White Maple frame with a 0.75" face. The minimal, all-white design allows colorful artwork to really shine without distractions.

Whether you're refreshing your space for the season or looking for last-minute gift ideas, we've got you covered!

As always, we're standing by to help with any and all of your online framing needs, and can't wait to see the final results.

Happy framing!