What We Framed in May and June

Concert posters, photos for dad, diplomas, pet portraits and more

With summer kicking off, we're trying to stay as cool as we are busy handcrafting picture frames to perfectly fit your most treasured artwork and photos.

Let's pause for a minute to look back on a few feats of framing completed by our customers in recent months, including framed concert posters, colorful still lives, Father's Day framed photo gifts and more.

Continue on to check out these projects from May and June, or see for yourself how easy it is to custom frame online!

We'll help you achieve what should be the goal of every framing project: Joy, satisfaction and pride over the final result hanging on your wall.

A Collage Frame Triptych

Custom framed photo collage

Image credit: @lilmanlife on Instagram

Nothing beats our endlessly customizable collage photo frames for telling a story with images.

Andrew took three pics from his latest road trip with Benji the Bernadoodle and created a tasteful triptych of the highlights. The archival, 4-ply matting has a separate mat window opening to show off each of your pictures in style.

Choose one of the many styles we've set up, or design your own unique frame layout with up to 30 of your own favorite photos.

Concert Poster Framed in Classic Gallery Style

Custom frame for The National concert poster

Image credit: @huskyjustin on Instagram

Justin had such a great time at The National's show in Portland that he just had to get the poster.

For this minimalist design, the wider 2.5" of matting he chose creates some nice breathing room between the profile and the bold, block of color. Concert posters like this are simple to protect and display using our DIY framing kits - we send the frame right to you within a few days with instructions for putting it all together at home.

"Huge shoutout to @levelframes — the process was so easy that I’ll definitely be using them again!"

Thanks for framing with us, Justin!

Framed Photo Gifts for Dad

Combine special photos into a collage picture frame for the perfect gift

From what our printing and framing teams witnessed, you all came through big time for Dad this Father's Day.

From framed family photos to collage frames highlighting different phases of his life, it was heartwarming to see the variety of special images that can now be enjoyed year round.

It's a nice reminder of how framed gifts are always a hit especially when you find the perfect photo.

Still Life Painting With an Elegant, White Frame

Colorful still life painting framed with a Level Frames DIY kit

Image credit: @backwardprints on Instagram

Brynne Cogorno is an illustrator and screen printer based in in Laguna Beach, CA.

We love the vibrant colors and whimsical shapes in her original painting of different fruits. We also love the framing choice here. A simple but elegant, White frame provided the clean, gallery-ready look that allowed her artwork to take center stage.

The Gallery Collection of White, Black, Natural Maple and Natural Walnut is our most popular set of frame colors, which range from modern to traditional to rustic.

Custom Framing a New Diploma

Custom framed diploma with a Level Frames "frame at home" kit

Image credit: Jen L. from her Level Frames verified customer review

At the heart of it, good framing is preservation, protection, and presentation to keep safe and show off a special piece of art or a life milestone. A college diploma certainly qualifies as a big milestone and something that deserves to be properly protected.

When framing a diploma, the matting usually plays an elevated role.

Using the Advanced Options section in our frame builder, you can customize the matting by adjusting the opening, selecting 4-ply or 8-ply mat board, and even going with a mat color that picks up some of the elements in the diploma itself.

In addition to the customization options, you can always count on conservation grade materials throughout the frame to properly protect your diploma from fading or discoloration.

A Custom Framed Pennant

Custom frame for a wool pennant 22" x 12" framed by Level Frames

Image credit: @shopnbgoods on Instagram

N.B. Goods, a retailer in Nashville, created this "Good Trouble" pennant from 22" x 12" premium wool to support the fight for democracy in Tennessee.

We teamed up with them to offer a framed version, and found that floating the pennant on white matting and using our 3/4" Natural Maple frame was the perfect fit.

When framing fabric or any item where the edges of the item should not be covered, float mounting is the way to go. You can learn more about when to use this framing technique in our Guide to Float Mounting.

Framed and Matted Photo of....

Black and gold framed photo

Image credit: Chris from his Level Frames verified customer review

We see a lot of pet pics and countless framed photos featuring dogs (cats are a close second), but this may be the first time we've seen a portrait of a lamb.

This handsome creature was framed up beautifully in our handsome Acadamie Black profile, with a 2" mat border to provide symmetry between the image and the frame.

Nice work on the photo and framing, Chris!

Hopefully you've found some inspiration from these customer shares that may give you ideas for your next project.

Our goal is to put the knowledge and tools into your hands so that you can customize any frame to your exact liking and see it come to life onscreen, which is one of the best reasons to frame online.

But as always, we are standing by to help via chat and email if you need any guidance or recommendations.

Happy Framing!